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Debating Club

The debating club is an extracurricular club established by the students with the motive of excelling in public speaking. It is a club which provides them freedom of speech and expression in an open forum. Students here engage in rhetoric on a variety of issues involving local, regional, national, social, environmental to international domains. This aides the learning process enabling them to become more active and productive engineers of the society.

Embedded Systems and Robotics Club

It is one of the finest clubs of the college and is under the leadership of Dr. Alok Singh Gahlot (M.S.; . Under his guidance, the club has organised various workshops for the students. It is the interest and passion of Dr. Alok singh Gahlot that the club is able to teach and help the students in the on growing field of ROBOTICS. This Club was founded by some of the ex-students with Dr. Alok taking under the consideration, the vast field of ROBOTICS.


PRATIBIMB is the theatre club of the MBM Engineering College. This club aims to enhance the overall personality of a technical student so as to stimulate his creative, emotional, political and social senses along with good acting skills.


This club focuses on the technical Knowledge of students. With the help of paper presentation on technical topics, quizzes, this club provides a platform to the students.


Webbed is a web development club of MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur. We aim at building a strong Web Design/Development Community in our college.

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