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Assessment of Real Driving Emissions from Vehicles Using Portable Emission Measurement Systems:
A Systematic Review
Sanu Meena, Suresh Kumar Singh
Department of Civil Engineering, M.B.M. University, Jodhpur 342011 Rajasthan, India
*Corresponding author:
Received March 25, 2022; Revised April 29, 2022; Accepted May 08, 2022


Abstract Vehicles contribute significant emissions in urban areas affecting the air quality of cities. Traditionally, vehicular emission factors (EFs) were developed based on measurements in the laboratory. However, studies indicate that the laboratory measurements are unrepresentative of real-world conditions. This study reviewed the literature on emission measurements of vehicles using Portable Emission Measurement Systems. The on-road emissions measurements were able to capture the emission characteristics during the micro events of real world driving scenarios which were not represented by standard vehicle emission measured at laboratory conditions. The current emission factors recommended by regulatory agencies like ARAI are laboratory based which were found to be under estimate the real world emissions. Compared to other measurement methods, such as dynamometer testing, on-board real time emission measurement provides detailed data that can be used to identify real-world estimates at
micro scale events that significantly impact overall emissions. Accurate prediction of vehicular exhaust emissions is an important factor in predicting air quality in urban area which assists in policy and decision making process.

Keywords: real driving emissions, emission factor, portable emission measurement systems

Cite This Article: Sanu Meena, and Suresh Kumar Singh, “Assessment of Real Driving Emissions from
Vehicles Using Portable Emission Measurement Systems: A Systematic Review.” Applied Ecology and
Environmental Sciences, vol. 10, no. 5 (2022): 273-280. doi: 10.12691/aees-10-5-2.

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